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  • Mile 22

    Mile 22


    Of course the 95 minute, perfectly paced Mile 22 is criticized for “bad editing” while the swarm of overlong, boring “arthouse” movies that are so technically unsophisticated they could’ve been edited on a mobile version of Windows Movie Maker get praised to high heavens. 

    The whole "all action must be shown in long shot with a camera completely motionless on a tripod" meme is getting old. For some movies that approach works great. But demanding it for every action movie…

  • Braven



    This is what happens when you live in Canada and have no 2A right... you have to protect your family by lighting people on fire, killing them with arrows and hatchets, tying guys to four-wheelers and driving them off a cliff, and then literally tying a bear trap to a tree and intentionally stepping in it so you can spear a guy half your size off a cliff... Joe Braven, my man, just move a little south of the border,…

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