Shithouse ★★★★

its somewhat uncanny how well this captured my first semester of college from leaving your first party early to call your mom only to hear her voice cause you miss her to your roommate waking you up in the middle of the night as he comes home shitfaced from a party.

9 times out of 10 most college movies seem to be about the ususal "im 18/19 away from home and unsupervised for the first time ever lets wild out" but rarely do they touch on that first year and how hard it can be to adjust and how a lot of people are not prepared to deal with that and the challenge and pressure of feeling like you have to make friends as soon as possible only to feel more and more like an outsider the longer you go without one. how you can cling onto the first person you meet almost in an obsessive and unhealthy way because to them youre just one of many other people on campus but to you they're the first real connection you feel you've made.

this hit deep on a personal level and it only makes me wonder how much different my life would be right now had i stayed at st eds and didnt transfer ps: im a firm believe that the best way to truly get to know someone is to spend a whole night w them