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  • Sexy Night Report

    Sexy Night Report


    Review of the German theatrical cut with the title Emanuelle - Sinnlichkeit hat tausend Namen [Emanuelle - Sensuality has a thousand names]

    This is a mondo movie about sexual nightlife and rituals around the world. Apparently, it was directed by Bruno Mattei with uncredited work done by Joe D'Amato. Sexploitation-star Laura Gemser is the hostess and leads us through the film. When Laura's on-screen and speaks one can hear the original Italian language track in the background. I guess the…

  • Barbed Wire Dolls

    Barbed Wire Dolls


    Franco's third W.I.P. movie is a mix between his first two movies of that genre. The difference to those is the explicitness of the sexual activities.
    It very much feels like a "real" Jess Franco film more than the later ELITE FILM productions that wouldn't give Jess the freedom he had on his first three films with Dietrich.
    For me, the highlight of the film is Monica Swinn's performance as the sadistic wardress. She is absolutely amazing in this. The…

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  • Vice Academy

    Vice Academy


    It started slow but became very funny after the first third. The acting is absolutely horrible for the most part (on purpose?). But it works in the context of the film's universe. Everything is completely stupid. It plays out like a live-action cartoon.
    The cast is great. The leading ladies are all beautiful and rock huge 80s hair. Why is there only one dude in the academy? Well, who cares. He has some funny lines as well. I hope they…

  • My Dear Killer

    My Dear Killer


    I have seen this two times before on the old Shameless DVD from the UK. I remembered that I really liked it so I was excited to check it out on the new Vinegar Syndrome BluRay. From a technical standpoint, it's a very high improvement. The colors look great, the soundtrack is clear and the picture is sharp.
    The movie itself is very talkative. It was hard to keep up with the subtitles and the convoluted story didn't make it…

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  • Night Has a Thousand Desires

    Night Has a Thousand Desires


    1st rewatch --- Jess combines elements of previous movies and archives one of his most surreal creations ever. The dreamy atmosphere mostly relies on visuals and music. And it works so well. There's barely any dialogue in this .. just Lina wandering through dark hallways and finding herself in different places that look like they're from another world.
    For the most part, the music is trippy and experimental. It's filled with moans and cries that echo in the background. Sometimes…

  • Phenomena



    Around the time of my 18th birthday, I visited a film convention in my area. I blind-bought the Anchor Bay releases of Phenomena, Suspiria and William Lustig's Maniac. Some guy sold them for around two euros a piece (which is very cheap). I didn't know anything about these movies. I solely bought them because I liked the covers and pictures on the back. Out of my pick-ups I watched Phenomena first. And it was at that moment when my love…