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  • Spontaneous



    If Spontaneous had more attention, it could definitely be just as popular and remarkable as Heathers.

    A crazy and totally unexpected view of teenage angst and anxiety. I had no expectations but enjoyed every second of it.

    It's great to see that Katherine Langford is actually a very good actress, she fits her role perfectly, just as Charlie Plummer, performing the type of character you won't forget for a long while.

    Great watch.

  • Ammonite



    If you're going to tell a love story, then you must pay attention to the love in such story.

    You have to give us chemistry between these characters in a way the viewer can feel it, even if they're not explicitly talking about it. A glance. A touch. A laugh. Something...

    Francis Lee tried, but failed to explore the potential of Ammonite and the tremendous talent of Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan, two of the greatest actresses of their respective…

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  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    I'm definitely not afraid of saying that not only Sound of Metal is one of the greatest movies of 2020 so far, as it also is exactly what this year lacked the most.

    Leaded by an unrecognisable Riz Ahmed in a marvelous performance, Sound of Metal tells the odyssey of a drummer who suddenly loses most of his hearing.

    The sound design is undeniably what makes of Sound of Metal a masterpiece, its greatest achievement is in the capacity of…

  • Minari



    Based upon Lee Isaac Chung's childhood in Arkansas, Minari is a clever and painful dissection of the "American Dream".

    There's something about Minari that turns many ordinary scenes into some of the most beautiful I've seen this year, probably thanks to the gorgeous work of cinematography and score.

    For that matter, Minari reminds me a lot of Nomadland, both movies achieve a point where beauty and sadness come together.

    But, Minari has a childlike perspective on many occasions that left…