did he just throw my cat out of a window?

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  • Un Chien Andalou

    Un Chien Andalou

    dragging two grand pianos, two donkey corpses, two priests, and the ten commandments across a room because your girl doesn’t want to fuck

  • Thelma & Louise

    Thelma & Louise


    “let’s not get caught...let’s keep going.”

    i love these crazy bitches. anyone want to be my best friend and commit crimes and drive around the desert while being chased by harvey keitel?

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  • The Queen

    The Queen


    crystal labeija reading harlow to filth only to tell her she’s pretty minutes later is the greatest moment ever captured on film

  • Edge of the City

    Edge of the City


    john cassavetes (5’7) playing the bongos while sidney poitier (6’2) and ruby dee dance around their apartment is something that can be so personal. along with the height difference.