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currently: binging star trek tos and making questionable movie choices every saturday

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  • Oh Darling! Yeh Hai India!

    Oh Darling! Yeh Hai India!


    This is a movie that lives and flourishes in its extremity. There are no grey hues in Mehta’s vision of a nighttime promenade in Mumbai. The city is populated by dying heroes and snake-tattooed villains. Lavish mansions juxtaposed with run-down alleys. Democracy is not threatened by apathy but by one man’s aggressive pursuit of dictatorship and totalitarian control. As a foreigner, I am sure there is plenty of sociopolitical commentary that just flew right past me, however there is no…

  • Nila



    Selvaraj systematically deprives the couple of oral communication; awkwardness, hope, and fear all conveyed through brilliant acting and cinematography. Unspoken conversations enveloped in nightime urban landscapes, mirrored though the reflections of streetlights in rain puddles. Jarmusch-ian alienation laced with the sociopolitical backdrop of Italian neorealism. A nocturnal voyage culminating to a pivotal decision, expressed through a constant dichotomy; illusion, hope, and unconditional love opposing reality, melancholy, and lust.

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  • Coneheads



    arefeh three minutes into the film: oh wow they really are coneheads 

  • Cats



    what i was not warned about was that i chose to watch this with a cats the musical enthusiast

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  • Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

    Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani


    my life would be so much easier if I could just decide whether ranbir kapoor is hot or not

  • Tribhanga



    / cw /

    ah yes, let’s use sexual harassment, self-harm, and domestic violence as plot devices on our thinly stretched script in order to pretend like we are making a point about intergenerational trauma