Stalker ★★★★★

“My conscience wants vegetarianism to win over the world.And my subconscious is yearning for a piece of juicy meat.”

Stalker is a challenging, thought-provoking and mind-bending experience that requires more explanation when the film finally ended. Like Tarkovsky’s earlier yet enigmatic sci-fi classic—Solaris. Its kind of slow-paced film that demands our patience to get fully connected with the story. Trying to explore about faith and the existence of god in the most philosophical way. 

Tbh, i went into this film with extremely high expectations, and yes.. i let myself be sucked in by it. I was just blown away, Stalker is one of those films that you’ll never forget if you watched it in the right mood. Everything is exceptional: the directing, the music, the cinematography and the places.

I know its not everyone’s cup of tea. This is kind of a film that you can only truly share with yourself, because this masterpiece cannot be experienced in the same way by two people or more. But for me, this one is simply brilliant piece of work that’ll haunt you down for a very long time.

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