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  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

    El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie


    Is this necessary? Absolutely not. Is it fun? Absolutely yes. Does it spoil the ending of the show? I don’t think so, and Gilligan wisely uses the film as much for a series of fondly written cameos, a couple of showy bits of direction, some black comedy and the usually great performance by Paul. It’s like an extra two episodes tucked away on a DVD box set - I’m particularly thinking of the codas to Lost - but as a film and honestly, I’m fine with that

  • Manhunt



    Unlike Des, which was better written than it was produced, this is a slightly creaky screenplay produced incredibly well. It helps that it’s resolutely old fashioned, like a Law and Order special episode from the early nineties: certainly it’s the first time forensic psychology isn’t portrayed as some sort of shamanistic ritual by a damaged psyche. Fitzgerald is awkward, autistic and portrayed as kind of a dick, but also as very human. Worthington is no great actor, and sometimes looks…

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  • Gregory's Girl

    Gregory's Girl


    there are reasons why this is my favourite film of all time. it has all the strange, unalloyed creative joy of "that sinking feeling" but this time it's all been pulled together to create, as far as i'm concerned, the single best cinematic tale of growing up as a teenager ever: in literature, in television, in cinema. all of it. it's all here, which is kind of my definition of a masterpiece - it sets out to say everything possible…

  • Hereditary



    Silly of me it may be, but I couldn't face letting the pile of fetid nonsense that is Hereditary be my 6000th film on this webpage SO PLEASE CONSIDER THIS AS THE 6001st and whatever comes next as the true 6000th

    Anyway. Where to even start with this nonsense? Aster is undeniably talented - there are several scenes with brilliant ideas in the movie, and he can build tension beautifully. The problem is all those scenes don't even remotely cohere…