Southland Tales ★★

i'm always slightly impressed when film makers decide to go full tilt on a grand folly... and this is the grandest of grand follies. sometimes during this i'm not entirely sure that kelly is deciding to ruin his career - i suspect "donnie darko" is only a great film once in your life. if you're in the right mood for it, then it really strikes you hard. and then the second time you watch it it's entirely risible. and all the more so when stood next to a folly like this: impenetrable, pretentious (and i really do mean that), wrongheaded and sometimes hilariously daft. i'd love to know what kelly thought this would look like in his head because although there's a certain bit of pleasure to be had from watching this nonsense it's.... only very small

at times even though they were using the english words it was in a way that seemed almost as if it were not the language i've grown up speaking - dialogue that was either ironic or heavy handed with delivery that never quite made it clear whether the cast knew themselves which way all this was intended to be. it reminds me, more than anything, of the infamous film at the centre of alan moore's "D.R. and Quinch go to Hollywood"... go back, read that and see if you agree with me. just needs more oranges

(and having said all that, i still - ridiculously - kind of enjoyed it. you have to admire a man for his batshit vision even when no one else does)

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