Fighting with My Family ★★★★

Watched in the cinema

I don't know shit about wrestling, but Stephen Merchant and his fantastic cast, especially the wonderful Florence Pugh, made me feel more for this sport than all the sports movies of recent years that have dealt with the sports that actually interest me.

The tragic life story of the former professional wrestler Saraya-Jade Bevis is told with great sensitivity and never at the expense of cheap jokes. What I found particularly interesting and laudable is that Merchant doesn't only stage his young protagonist in a positive way, but also includes scenes in which she behaves like a real asshole towards her competitors.

The enthusiasm and passion for wrestling is transmitted every second by the family that is at the center of the story, whose coherence is at least as strong as the will to join the big names of the business at some point.

The film isn't free of the usual clichés of outsider stories, but despite the humor it treats the characters respectfully at all times and doesn't turn them into joke figures, but into the real, credible and authentic characters they probably are in real life, too.

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