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  • F for Fake
  • Demons
  • Penda's Fen
  • The Spider's Stratagem

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  • Three Crowns of the Sailor

  • A Face in the Crowd

  • Curtains

  • Space Jam: A New Legacy

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  • Three Crowns of the Sailor

    Three Crowns of the Sailor

    Ruiz is 20 % a genius, 20% a madman and 60% a troll.

    As usual for Ruiz, it's formally extravagant and creative with almost every shot and edit being a little adventure in itself, and the dialogue and narrative is completely pointless and distracting by design. At times it becomes so distracting that it almost derails the entire film, but only almost. The film is too beautiful to dismiss.

    Basically, every story leds to another story nested in that story,…

  • A Face in the Crowd

    A Face in the Crowd

    I don't care about how prescient a film is, and I do think it's overstated in A Face in the Crowd's case. If it was actually prescient, Lonesome Rhodes wouldn't have lost any of his core following after belittling his audience. People want to believe, and this belief doesn't have anything to do with reality.

    Otherwise, it's fine. It's plodding, ham-handed and unsubtle. A 90 minute film that's ballooned up to 120. But fine. Andy Griffith is really good in that attention-grabbing-Oscar-nominee way.

Popular reviews

  • Angst


    There are so many disturbing things in Angst, but what really sets me off is the clash between the verisimilitude of the Psychopath interacting with the world, and the absolutely unreal way his surroundings are captured.

    The city feels abandoned, and the victim's house seems more like a theatre than a place where people actually live (there are no pictures on the wall and almost no furniture). It's like we are seeing the killer stage a scene for us in…

  • Bredo Greve - Film Rebel

    Bredo Greve - Film Rebel

    Det er en skam at jeg knapt visste noe om Bredo Greve før jeg så denne dokumentaren. Men så virker det som om det meste av formelt skriveri om norsk filmhistorie nedprioriterer ham, i forhold til mer respektable filmskapere.

    Interessant at to av de mest interessante norske filmskapernes regissørkarriere (Bredo Greve og Pål Bang-Hansen) endte med en film som kritiserte den norske staten på en slik direkte og umiskjennelig måte, som ikke gikk ann å avfeie med klisjeer om "norsk…