Wonder Woman 1984

This smoothed my brain until it was but a shiny round pebble. Truly, audaciously terrible and inept filmmaking with a story that goes out of its way to be morally bankrupt and politically tone-deaf. Interesting to have an ostensibly aspirational Wonder Woman movie about the consequences of having aspirations. Interesting how no one writing DC’s main female superhero could fathom who she’d be without Chris Pine, so they improvised a lazy and inexplicable plot device to make sure they didn't have to find out. Interesting how the pandemic has entirely sapped these blockbusters of their mystique, so it’s more immediately obvious to everyone when one is just tragically dead-on-arrival; Wonder Woman 1984 is about as lifeless as they get. I liked the first one, and my mind’s slightly blown by what a tortured rough draft of a sequel this is.

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