Possessor ★★★★★

“are you really married to her ? or married to the worm”

possessor, a lingering hypnotic sci-fi horror piece that uses the extremities of visual language and sonics beautifully and poetically: utilising it in a way that really hits you in every way possible.

without the extremities is a film with a detached and robotic disposition and an unnerving energy throughout which surprisingly goes well with the vibrant cinematography. one of the more abstracted films to explore identity, death and the psyche; and i absolutely adored it.

as an audience member you can’t quite ever feel safe while watching as you can never fully understand or see through what is happening, making every moment have the ability to shock and disarm. it’s slowness and steadiness really adds to this unnerving feeling, as everything is almost a little too calm considering how vague, broken and uncertain everything really is.

when those spurts of violence or relief occur they really mean so much more because of it, everything builds up to those high intensity moments and they feel so rewarding and palpable, even cathartic to an extent. it literally felt like certain scenes were tickling my brain because they were so overstimulating and mesmerising, it’s really a beautiful film to just stare at and fall into.

christopher abbott’s performance was absolutely phenomenal, perfect casting truly he killed this role. he manages to make that subdued type of acting feel monumental and he always steals the show in whatever he is in, he’s just great and i want him in everything at this point 

possessor leaves you asking a lot of questions, but honestly, none of them need to be answered. it’s one of those films that you revisit in your mind days after you’ve watched it and i can’t imagine ever getting over this film. it was truly such a wonderfully unique experience. this is a fantastic sophomore effort from brandon cronenberg and i really really look forward to his future projects

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