A Star Is Born ★★★★½

I've never seen nor knew any plot of the first 3 films so I had no idea where this one was going but I'm glad it went in the direction that it did.
Bradley Cooper did great acting and directing. Of course Lady Gaga did phenomenal and I hope she gets her Best Actress nomination, but my personal favorites were the supporting actors; Dave Chappelle and Sam Elliott. Both were such a great pivoting factor to Ally and Jack's characters and their relationship, I loved it and I hope they don't get outshined too much.
I know Chappelle was there for a short amount of time but his character and his dialogue was so great, I FELT IT. I wouldn't be surprised if both supporting actors get some sort of nominations, I hope they do as well.

I enjoyed this film and I'm glad i got the advance tickets for my girlfriend and I.
This movie definitely isn't worth waiting for and I do recommend watching it as soon as you can. (Great date movie too)

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