A list of female lead classic noirs. Strong yet vulnerable, these women aren’t your usual cold hearted seductresses that play second fiddle to the main character. They are the main character and the story is told from their perspective.

The rules are:

1. The woman must be the lead or co-lead at least.
2.She musn’t be a femme fatale- if she is, she must have more nuance and a reason to be/become one.
3. Her voice must be heard, the story film musn’t judge her or her choices, but bring reason to them and encourage the audience to empathize with them.

  • I Want to Live!
  • Julie
  • Jeopardy
  • Sudden Fear
  • Woman on the Run
  • Outrage
  • Caged
  • Stage Fright
  • No Man of Her Own
  • The Reckless Moment
  • Caught
  • Sorry, Wrong Number
  • Sleep, My Love
  • Secret Beyond the Door
  • Possessed
  • My Name Is Julia Ross
  • Two O'Clock Courage
  • Dark Waters
  • Phantom Lady
  • The Seventh Victim
  • Shadow of a Doubt