Beanpole ★★★★★

Well, it is hard to come up with anything but pure emotions. And to start of I would like to notice, that I am not watching this masterpiece ever again. 

I cant even tell, how connected I felt to this movie. There are few things, that I can’t even name, that are impossible to describe. These are indefinite mixes of culture, language and history that make this story especialy touching, yet, possibly, slightly strange. 

Every breaze, look, almost every word and movement resonated with me not just emotionaly, they literaly shaked my guts so that I felt bad both mentaly and physicaly bad right after the screening.  

There are things I cant describe, but what I can, is provide brief facts about history of my own life, family, their stories andexpiriences: 
1) My grandfather after the war was almost the same age as young boy Pavel from the movie was.
2) My great grandfather was threatened by NKVD for sending letters to Poland where his sisters were living. 
3) I personally saw injuries and illneses that were recieved during the war and I have quite a lot of relatives who because of the war or in few years following it. 

All of these things followed by the finest acting skills, picture and so on allow me to say, that Kantemir did the very best war-related movie I have ever seen.  

It was so touching, that few people had to leave the screening.

I dont feel sorry for not even trying to watch this piece in Cannes, because otherwise it would have messed my whole trip.