Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

OK, I will be direct and just say right away that ARMY OF THE DEAD was BORING as f*** !!! It was also stupid, but was boring!!
A zombie heist movie placed in Las Vegas shouldn't be as boring as this, but was! Two and a half hours for what!! Bland and forgettable characters, some forced shitty father-daughter drama that's not interesting at all, some lame jokes, and couple of really stupid story moments that made no sense!
So what we got in the end was a stupidly boring lengthy movie with occasionally spark of excitement and fun...and zombie tiger (which deserved a better movie).

Look...action was OK...nothing spectacular, but OK, and I liked the soundtrack (though, the selection of songs was too obvious - Viva Las Vegas and Zombie...common). But the damn movie is just to damn long, so action scenes are scattered throughout the film, and everything in between is mostly boring! This should have been at least an hour shorter movie.
Yeah...character would still be bland and forgettable, and we would still have lame jokes and stupid story moments that made no sense, but at least pacing would be faster, and movie could be at least stupidly fun.

I noticed that people keep comparing this with ALIENS, but with zombies instead of aliens...and I get their point. But, I guess most of those people didn't watched Korean zombie movie called PENINSULA, also know as TRAIN TO BUSAN 2 a.k.a TRAIN TO BUSAN: PENINSULA, because the plot is almost the same as in ARMY OF THE DEAD, and this feels like a remake of that movie!
A band of mercenaries goes on a mission, behind the quarantine wall, into a zombie wasteland, to get $20 million in cash for some rich prick...sound familiar? Unfortunately, that also wasn't a good movie...

Anyway...I had some hopes for this, because Snyder's DAWN OF THE DEAD is IMO one of his best movies, if not the him coming back into a zombie genre was something to looking forward. is what it is...a boring movie.
IMO, Snyder is a good visual director, and he knows how to tell a story (300 and DAWN OF THE DEAD are proof of that)...but he should stop writing his own movies, because he sucks at writing...and he should definitely think abut making shorter movies in the future.

PS. I have couple of SPOILER(Y) questions...

1. How that dude survived the radiation when he came out of the vault, after the nuke explosion, and then just walked through the nuclear ruins?

2. OK, I know the whole heist mission was just a Tanaka's scam, just so that he can get his hands on zombie blood...but why plan such a heist in a first place!? His guy Martin, who betrayed everybody, could have just go in alone with The Coyote. They could have just open those doors, walked in, "call" the queen...cut here head off, and go back to safety lol
And speaking of those doors...anybody noticed that they left them open lol

3. Also ... why did they have to crack the safe if the Casino they were getting the money from was Tanaka's Casino...that was his money, his vault. Did he forget the combination? Haha
I mean yeah, he is sending them on a fake mission, but still, why not give them a combination, so that they all believe that this is a really easy job.

4. How in the hell is Zombie leader (Zombie King I guess) faster than a helicopter on his undead horse??

5. Why zombies left that random woman alive in a first place, for such a long time...why just not eat here, like they did that guard? Why was she so special? And why Bautista's movie daughter thought she was alive at all? A what happen with that woman after the helicopter crash, since she was so important for the story lol...

Anyway...there is more of these questions, but I have to wrap this, I don’t want to waste any more time on ARMY OF THE DEAD...

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