Kate ★★★½

So...KATE...another female action/assassin type of movie! And we had a more than a few of those lately (GUNPOWDER MILKSHAKE, JOLT, THE PROTEGE...hell, even a BLACK WIDOW).

And yeah...KATE is generic, predictable, and in the end it offers nothing new we haven't seen before...and maybe even better. Yet, of all the female action movies I mentioned above, and which I watched...KATE turned out to be the best of them all! Yeah...the bar wasn't set high in a first place...but nevertheless...KATE crossed that bar...way above it!

You see, despite being generic and predictable...this was a fun action movie! And surprisingly, besides good action, KATE had a couple of great emotional bits that add some layers to Kate's character...paper tin layers, but layers. And movie also had couple of cool bits...
Mary Elizabeth Winstead was really fantastic here! Extremely believable as bad ass action heroine, but flawed heroine that isn't invincible. Plus, she was kind of hot!
Woody Harrelson on the other hand (although also good looking lol)...he was kind of phoning it, and its obviously that this was just a paycheck job for him. But still, he didn't ruin the movie for me...
But girl that played Ani...well...she almost succeeded in doing so, because she was really annoying most of the time...but in the end, she also turned out to be OK...

But what's most important, action was cool...very entertaining and violent, and kind of stylish, but not to excessively (with exception of over the top pink car chase...that was like something from a video game or anime). The visuals were really awesome...all neon and vibrant colors, and made this movie look so cool.
Now, because of the visuals and stylish action...some say that this feels like another female JOHN WICK wannabe...but you know...I didn't get the whole JOHN WICK vibe here. Not really! To me KATE felt and looked more like a live action anime or manga adaptation.
Also...When JOLT was released...many have stated that JOLT is like a female version of CRANK! But JOLT had nothing to do with CRANK...it doesn't even have a similar plot...nothing!
But KATE...well, that's another story. KATE is basically like a female CRANK, because its a story about an assassin that was poised, and now she has a 24 hours to get vengeance on her murderer before she dies. That's the same story as in CRANK...the base of the story at least...only the style of the movie is completely different. Yet, I noticed that no one mentions CRANK in the same sentence with KATE...and that's really weird.

But anyway...as I said before...KATE is generic and predictable, that's for sure, and definitely won't reinvent the wheel! But damn...this was a fun and cool looking action movie...and what's really surprising, it that had some heart, and some really cool moments. I had fun with KATE (pun intended lol)....

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