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  • The 2nd

    The 2nd


    so it seems a cia dude loses his daughter in some school shooting and wants to get the 2nd amendment repealed? or maybe to keep it? anyway he and his cohorts are going to need those guns as ryan phillipe is going to get in their way...big time
    a star for being as dumb as fuck
    a star for the scene where the head baddie has to tell everyone how bad bad-ass ryan actually is ( nod to seagal )
    and a half a star for the kick-ass theatre major

  • The Glass Castle

    The Glass Castle


    mixed feelings on this one
    first ( and obviously worth a star ) is the glorious colour of the children's hair
    second -there is sarah snook ( give that woman more to do!) and now after googling her I find she's going to be in a new adaptation of Persuasion - heaven! automatic 2 stars for the giddy anticipation

    and then there is the rest. a bit too close to the bone for me. and the all is forgiven ending...maybe…

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  • This Beautiful Fantastic

    This Beautiful Fantastic

    thank god - she didn't have a mental illness that actually caused her distress - it was the cute and quirky kind
    and thank god - she didn't befriend an old homeless guy in the park - her elderly friend was rich and had no relatives and it was going to end up so well for her
    and thank god she wasn't a 'plain jane' or getting a bit long in the tooth - she was young and pretty so…

  • The Hands of Orlac

    The Hands of Orlac


    Conrad Veidt plays Orlac - a renowned pianist who loses his hands in an accident and becomes increasingly convinced his grafted ones are
    murderous/corrupt. Veidt is the perfect silent screen actor. He uses his entire body to express his emotions. Just as his sinuous body portrayed the angular, jerky somnambulist Cesare so effectively in The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, Veidt uses his hands - distorting fingers, straining veins, flexing muscles to convey his character's dissociation, his horror of his new…