• Slaxx


    would have worked better as a shortz

  • Monster from Green Hell

    Monster from Green Hell


    there's some scientists off on safari in search of giant wasps -cue endless trudging with all the heavy lifting done by porters ( there is one shot of a white guy trudging behind the porters with a whip! these guys are being paid arent they? or is this guy gonna tame some lions?) anyway there is also a woman who spends an ungodly amount of time pressing herself against the lead dude for comfort...which after a time I found quite amusing. but really its terribly boring...simply put - not enough wasps
    I'm giving it half a star for the pith helmets

  • Antebellum




  • Shirley



    finally get to see this after covid stymied all my attempts...so hope I'm not too late to call dibs on that flying duck shirt...

    1 star for the said shirt
    1 star for the ending
    1 star for the red wine revenge
    1 star for Shirley Jackson and her would be life without the savages

  • The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

    The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

    lockdown...watch whatever netflix throws at me...repeat...

  • The 2nd

    The 2nd


    so it seems a cia dude loses his daughter in some school shooting and wants to get the 2nd amendment repealed? or maybe to keep it? anyway he and his cohorts are going to need those guns as ryan phillipe is going to get in their way...big time
    a star for being as dumb as fuck
    a star for the scene where the head baddie has to tell everyone how bad bad-ass ryan actually is ( nod to seagal )
    and a half a star for the kick-ass theatre major

  • The Glass Castle

    The Glass Castle


    mixed feelings on this one
    first ( and obviously worth a star ) is the glorious colour of the children's hair
    second -there is sarah snook ( give that woman more to do!) and now after googling her I find she's going to be in a new adaptation of Persuasion - heaven! automatic 2 stars for the giddy anticipation

    and then there is the rest. a bit too close to the bone for me. and the all is forgiven ending...maybe…

  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    anything that makes me laugh in this godawful year gets an automatic 5 stars

  • The Queen's Gambit

    The Queen's Gambit


    now I'm just rebingeing all the chess bits where she wipes the board with her opponent -and the bit at the very end with the old men -and the bits where she dances...and when she swishes round in fabulous clothes... and all the rest...

    5 stars
    1 for Anya
    1 for her eyes
    1 for sexing up chess
    1 for her bff -tho I'd liked to have seen more of her
    and 1 for the sheer enjoyment of watching a woman genius for a bleedin' change

  • The Haunting of Bly Manor
  • Red Planet

    Red Planet

    There's a pouty Val Kilmer
    There's extreme suspension of disbelief required as Tom Sizemore has multiple PhDs!
    There's Benjamin Bratty
    There's Terence Stamp finding god
    There's Carrie-Anne Moss taking a shower, being ogled by Val, having to strip off to a tight white singlet for a nipple shot...etc etc
    there is not a moment that is unpredictable
    and there's iwatch laughing a few times, groaning, yawning and turning it off with just 10 mins to go...

  • Enola Holmes

    Enola Holmes


    rather enjoyed this - just wanted to give a shout out to Burn Gorman - I know I know - he always plays a period baddie but he's so good at them and he has such a wonderful name
    so a star for Burn
    and one for the charming Milly
    and one for Henry's curls
    and a half for the possibility of blowing up some lords...

    food match - victoria sponge cake and earl grey tea