Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

Just the fucking best. The most immersive, moving, funny, surprising, nostalgic, enjoyable film that I’ve seen since...whenever the last Tarantino was.

It’s a $100-million hangout movie. For adults. That’s steeped in Joan Didion and Sergio Corbucci and The Virginian and Los Angeles. That knows the single greatest currency for any Hollywood movie is the power of the movie star. That has two of ‘em doing career best work.

And it’s sad. And beautiful. And it has a dog performance for the ages. And it’s personal - this is Tarantino’s Roma. And dawdling, in the best way. Also it’s fucking huge: you feel like you could turn a corner away from the leads and get lost in the world of the film.

Put it this way: this movie feels plucked straight from all my obsessions and loves. I can’t be objective.

But I still think it’s brilliant. I’ll say more later, but right now?

Just fucking see it already.