Bad Trip ★★★★

Days later, I still don't know if my lungs or stomach have recovered from laughing so hard — wheezing and squealing with delight and surprise in a way that another comedy hasn't done in years.

But, ultimately, I'm also left surprised and moved by how every one of these scenarios was constructed and portrayed in a way that reflects the good in everyday people, especially people of color, and doesn't feel like they're being taken advantage of or embarrassed (with perhaps the exception of the Chinese finger trap, which was the stunt that made my wife tap out and go to bed).

As seen in the end credits gag reel, there were certainly scenes that played out like other hidden camera or gross out comedies — that provoke the onlookers, pushing their comfort zones to such an extreme extent that the actors' safety is in jeopardy — but that's not what ended up in the movie. This was a very intentional effort to show the humanity in those around us, and that's remarkable.

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