Bad Education

Bad Education ★★★★

What is it about Hugh Jackman that lets him have such a range of performances. His peaks are so high and his lows are SO. LOW. And this? This is definitely a high for him. The scene where he calls out the entitled parent, absolutely iconic.

Outside of Jackman, this is still a fantastic film. Great performances all around, especially from Allison Janney, Geraldine Viswanathan, and a few brief scenes from Annaleigh Ashford. And the screenplay? Fantastic. The direction? I forgive Cory Finley for Thoroughbreds (which sucks shit, do not @ me) because this is such a great fucking movie.

I kinda wish this wasn't an HBO movie because, at the very least, this could've competed for Oscars. Would've gotten an easy Adapted Screenplay nom and probably a couple noms for Jackman and Janney.

Also, that ending? Mwah. Perfection.

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