Batman Forever

Batman Forever ★★★

The one where Robin steals the batmobile to pick up hookers. that happened (at least he was rejected. Batman Forever is an odd follow-up to Burtons gotham. It's still weird as all hell, just in a neon hyper-enegetic way rather than in dark and twisted camp-horror way. On one hand, it somewhat ruins what's good about those movies, but never fully crosses that line as its still entertaining. Batman actually has an arc here than builds upon the last two films, finally confronting his parents death and accepting his duality. Although I much prefer Keaton, Kilmer does a good job maintaining that stoic nature that's central to the character. His Bruce Wayne feels really natural as a tired playboy. Jim Carrey is over the top in his iconic 90s fashion, and its hard not to enjoy its weirdness. His rivalry with Tommy Lee Jones' Two-Face is strange in all its giggling and hyperactivity (the battleship scene, literally everything they do).

While I like this dynamic at times, and certainly appreciate Carrey, Two-Face is pretty awful here. Firstly, they whitewash the character as they recasted Billy Dee Williams (fair enough if they couldn't get him back but at least keep the same ethinicity). Secondly, the design (neon pink burn? Really?) and performance of the character are too fargone to have any impact at all. He's crazy apparently and thats all there is to him. Apart from brief newsclip there is zero connection between him and Batman/Bruce which a vital part of that character. His split identity doesn't work as Jones plays them as nearly the same personality, not to mention the coin which barely gets attention. He SHOULD have been the straight man to Carreys Riddler, and that would have made the film better. The movie as is seems to have two riddlers which brings up the question as to why there's even two villains at all. Maybe two-face should have just been the opening villain. Also, why does his goons where gimp suits?

The over-the-top nature to the production can get on your nerves a bit as well. It's certainly an impressive acomplishment but its a bit much a times. Gotham feels like a 60s strip club, and why's that the vibe they're going for?? Burtons interpretation of Gotham is literally award-winning, why waste time to alter that? That being said, it does work on occasion, I like the Batcave (the batmobile looks like plastic though), the overdesigned comic-esque buildings and Riddlers party. The HDR makes the neon elements really stand up in a great way too.

Totally forgot about Robin. His parents death is brutal and might be the best scene in the film. Other than than he's kinda just there, and distractingly looks waay to old for the part.

Batman Forever is fine in its own, but its discard a lot of what made the series so good takes some enjoyment away.

Side note: Chase Meridian is very horny for Batman and its hilarious. Also, 90s Nicole

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