• Living



    An underwhelming follow-up to the very promising Moffie. I liked the simplicity of the second half even if it went ahead and committed to its sentimentality. I just wish it got us into Mr. Williams' headspace a bit more. I felt at too much of a distance to appreciate Nighy's work. I'll admit I'm very rusty on Ikiru as well, it's been years, I've been meaning to revisit, but it all rushed back by the end.

  • Emergency



    I almost didn't prioritize ensuring that I caught this but it's become my favourite non-doc premiere of the festival. Hilarious, emotional, heart-poundingly thrilling, very thoughtful, utterly relevant. I dug it a lot, even if it's a bit derivative in certain places. Whole-hearted execution elevates it during its weak spots.

  • Descendant



    A little rough around the edges craft-wise but such an important topic and a brilliantly nuanced way to tell it in a way that's deeply connected to the community.

  • Cha Cha Real Smooth

    Cha Cha Real Smooth


    I'd probably bump it up a half star if Cooper wasn't the lead, for a couple of reasons. A less annoying title couldn't hurt either. For what it's worth, I agree it's a step up from Shithouse.

  • Navalny



    the balls of steel on this guy

  • The Princess

    The Princess


    maybe the most amount of times I’ve told people in a doc to fuck off

  • Fire of Love

    Fire of Love


    would kill for a life aquatic followup about volcanologists

  • Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

    Good Luck to You, Leo Grande


    okay i’m sold, booking a session with leo grande and we’ll just see where the night takes us

  • Resurrection



    Truly world-class performances for a ludicrously psychotic plot. The metaphors and tension manage to keep it afloat

  • Lucy and Desi

    Lucy and Desi


    Watching Being the Ricardos only made me hungry for a documentary version instead. Nearly 2 months later, Amy Poehler delivers.

  • A Love Song

    A Love Song


    A lovely, restorative and unfussy film about valuing the time spent with others. It's an ideal way to kick off Sundance (properly, since After Yang wasn't a premiere) as it's got that trademark tenderness and quirkiness that give little-films-that-could their charm. I debated my rating but it's boosted by the power of its ending, sentiment be damned.

    A good song can fuel you for a few more miles.

    'Why be mean when you can be nice?'

  • The Velvet Underground

    The Velvet Underground


    I had no reason to procrastinate this film as much as I did. I love the band (even so, my hot take is John Cale > Lou Reed > The Velvet Underground) and Todd Haynes is usually great, but this was certainly an access issue. I can't justify having Apple TV+ on Ted Lasso alone and it took me a while to get screeners sorted.

    I'll admit this didn't quite live up to my expectations. It's probably too Warholian, too focused on…