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  • The Docks of New York

    The Docks of New York


    It’s funny how the places that receive the most transit end up being the loneliest locations in the world; how we often feel more isolated when surrounded by others. The plot of this film takes place in the titular city’s port, a place where people are constantly coming and going almost at a faster rate than the tide itself. No one has any ties or any care. This is a place where marriage is a joke, where love can be…

  • By the Bluest of Seas

    By the Bluest of Seas


    Do you know that feeling of taking the first bite out of an especially visually appealing tart, which a second after tasting, you realize is even better than you could have ever imagined? Or when you’re just in a really good mood and your friend turns on a music track that you’ve never heard before but perfectly matches what you’re feeling and becomes an instant favorite? It’s that state of complete and total euphoria.

    That feeling is exactly the tone…

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  • Cape Fear

    Cape Fear


    One of the things that hurts most about being a fan of old films is hearing people around you complain about the most minute of things. ‘Eww, why does it have to be in black and white?’ ‘A Silent Picture?! Are you crazy, those are so terrible!’ I’ve heard it so often that it’s started to really annoy me. But every time I want to lash out, I have to hold my tongue because I too feel the same hesitance…

  • La Bête Humaine

    La Bête Humaine


    The style of Jean Renoir and the themes of Film Noir are two that just rhyme so well together. Renoir combines his romanticism and warmth with the darkness and brutality of the future genre and the results are striking. I will never understand how he can so easily make murder poetic and death romantic but there is just a natural flow to this picture that brings the best of both worlds. This is a dark film, especially for Renoir. At…