Thunderball ★★★★½

Simultaneously blessing 2021 and kissing the miserable 2020 goodbye with one of the summeriest and most damn fun of all movies to me.

It's honestly so weird being a lifelong Bond fan in this day and age and being able to see in real-time the worm turn against certain movies -- there's such and odd number of other fans, critics, and Bond content creators whom I all love and respect but who usually put this movie at the bottom of their lists.

Whereas to me, it's always been one of my absolute favourites because I just feel like everything contained within this package is everything I want out of a Bond movie. It's bright and adventurous, it's set almost entirely in an amazingly sexy locale, it has iconic characters (Fiona Volpe is is my top villains; I love her so much), the production design and cinematography are eye-watering, it's campy without rolling over into Austin Powers-levels of self-parody...

It comes right down to the fact that when I think of James Bond, I just want him to be strolling around in the Bahamas in a summer shirt and shorts and having massive undersea battles against a supervillain holding two atom bombs hostage.

I'm also probably the only human being on earth who wants this movie to be longer, since pretty much my only criticism is that the pacing of the entire second half becomes kind of rushed and underdeveloped. I'll admit that quality-wise this is nowhere near the best of the series, but in content and in sheer entertainment, this is my Bond mecca.

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