Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★★½

Based on my understanding for the abundance of pop culture references comes the realisation that I should leave the house more often.

Steven Spielberg reaffirms himself as the king of blockbuster cinema! 'Ready Player One' is a triumph. Not since James Cameron's, 'Avatar' have I seen such a visual extravaganza. I was enamoured by the gestures towards popular culture and in an attempt to observe every minuscule detail, freeze-framing is a necessity. A lot of high-budget, studio films are guilty of inundating audiences with disposable entities that can be interpreted as visual noise yet here, despite the dependency on CGI it never feels discombobulated. There's an element of naturalism to the action. A rarity in an age of corporate produce which solidifies this science-fiction, adventure as yet another magnificently crafted spectacle from the man who makes the technical challenge seem easy.

Frequent collaborator, John Williams passes the baton to Alan Silvestri who does a superb job of accompanying the action by delivering an original score that meticulously injects some of Hollywood's best loved anthems. Notwithstanding the terrific use of contemporary music featuring notable artists from the bygone era.

Seamlessly blending superb young-talent with industry veterans, 'Ready Player One' carries the inevitable Spielbergian stamp of approval. Harmonising moments of tenderness with awe-inspired wonder. This is a filmmaker performing to the best of his ability.

Narratively the film does has an element of predictability but amongst it's glorious set-pieces is an underlying commentary on our dependency for entertainment. It raises a number of interesting questions without resorting to belittling it's audience. In fact these nuances are so understated that the likelihood of them going unnoticed seems probable.

Returning to the landscape he helped establish, Spielberg eradicates any trace of scepticism. Confounding those foolish enough to doubt him by delivering one of the decades defining blockbusters. Legitimising my theory that age is merely a number when conducting in the realm of creativity. 

Stanley would be proud.

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