Prisoners of the Ghostland

Prisoners of the Ghostland ★★★



I mean this is by far the biggest disappointment of the year for me.
As a huge fan of Sono and Cage I can’t help but think of how good this could’ve been.
It has its moments. 
The finale, Cage’s reaction to the explosion, and the final battle scenes are all pretty great. 
However this is way to tame in terms of Sono. 
It doesn’t go nearly as insane as it could.
It instead follows a generic plot line with a few crazy moments and ideas. 
I wish it went as crazy as Tag or Why Don’t You Play in Hell? 
Instead it keeps itself relatively contained in terms of Sono.
It never just lets itself go like Tag does. 
Even in the ending it doesn’t go completely nuts. 
And I’m fine when films are contained and more mellowed out but I’ve just come to expect more from Sono. 
And Cage here is pretty watered down as well.
He only Cages out a few times other than that he’s pretty contained.
And he can give great performances when he is contained but in this film he shouldn’t be holding back.
Shockingly the standout isn’t Sion or Cage’s insanity it’s the set and costume design.
That’s why I decided to keep watching the film.  
Other than that there are a few cool visuals here and there and some great action set pieces but there really isn’t much for me here.
There’s not much more for me to say so I'm gonna end the review here.
What a disappointment.

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