Vampire's Kiss

Vampire's Kiss ★★★★½

My final film of Spooktober. 
What a way to end the month. 
This movie is wild. 
In the final act Nicolas Cage gets plastic vampire teeth and runs around in the streets shouting I’m a vampire. 
Cage cages out so many times in this film it’s insane.
This is instantly one of my favorite performances. 
It takes a little bit to get started but once it does it’s just batshit insane.
Nicolas Cage is truly amazing in this. 
Cage is just a beast in this. 
Also there are many great scenes. 
“You know vampire? Nosferatu?” 
“Yeah I was in mortal combat with the fucking bat.” 
I was enthralled beginning to end. 
Cage is just so good. 
This is my favorite performance of him so far. 
But he’s done so many good films. Mandy, Con Air, Face/Off(which is a contender for my favorite Cage film), Leaving Las Vega, Raising Arizona, and the list goes on. 
I don’t think I could’ve ended Spooktober with a better film. 
This is a 10/10 I enjoyed the hell out of this film. I’ll be rewatching this in the future. 
I’ll pick up my copy as soon as possible. 
I highly highly recommend this.
Also happy Halloween!
And Stalker tonight can’t wait.

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