Inferno ★★★★

So glad I didn't give up on Argento, holy shit this fucking rocks.

Still has the human shaped voids where characters should be but it actually doesn't matter because Argento just keeps throwing set-piece after set-piece at you. It's a huge help that dialogue is kept to a minimum, meaning I can invest in the dream logic a lot more than the uber expository Suspiria . Whereas that film felt like a load of beautifully lit dullness, Inferno is packed with amazing kills, genuinely spooky chases and supernatural madness that hints at a whole mythology we barely glimpse.

And it all looks class, every frame an incredible ballet between red and blue. As far as colour schemes go, it's simple, but the manner in which Argento and DP Romano Albani paint scenes with it is anything but; marvel at the way they bathe the Witches basement with blue while accenting particular pieces of debris with red to create dynamic compositions.

And the ending hahaha it's fucking nuts.

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