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  • The Master

    The Master


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    There's much to unpack from this film but to me the most hard hitting thing is Freddie and Lancasters relationship. They both need each other in such different ways. Freddie needs him because he's the only true friend he's ever had since leaving the war. And Lancaster needs him because he desperately wants to help him and treat his PTSD and other issues because he feels he can be helped. This creates an interesting dynamic where Freddie wants to be…

  • Blood Simple

    Blood Simple


    Shit. Fuck. I love the Coens so much. In this debut you can see so much of what is to come from the cinematic geniuses. The story feels very similar to Fargo with the problems and layers slowly coming together at a perfect pace. And that anxiety inducing final act feels very much like what we come to see from No country for old men. Also it's interesting that every character who is shot is only shot in the stomach. Maybe there's a deeper meaning to that. the transitions and camera movements are very nice. And as always the dialogue is amazing.

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