Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ★★★½

It’s weird to think that this series is most likely the best franchise ever made in my eyes, yet individually, none of the films are 5 stars for me (yet). 

Every film feels like a chapter of a novel, each equally important as the last, all pieces of the puzzle that are integral to the storyline.

The first 80 minutes of this film I admit I found quite boring, very slow paced, didn’t feel like much was happening, albeit it was all still important to the films franchise. This entire film feels like the beginning of the end, setting the final two films up for one huge climax.

The Dumbledore death scene was probably the most iconic and intense piece of cinema I’ve seen in a good while, it definitely does Dumbledore’s character the justice he deserves from an emotional perspective, and once again this film is a masterpiece in character development. We learn more about Draco and Snape’s identity, whilst exploring Ron and Harry’s “love” affairs.

Whilst this film wasn’t nearly as exciting as the first few, atleast up until the final scene, it felt incredibly important, whilst not a individual masterpiece, this franchise is the best of all time without question for me, to make 8 films all equally as integral as each other is nothing short of incredible.