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This review may contain spoilers.

Incredible TV Show, the Koreans really do know how to make an exciting show that is always creative and flirts with psychological boundaries and ideas that so many people would love to see. The idea in itself is something simple, having characters compete in a game for money, risking their own life; gladiator style, is such an appealing idea, how the execution can easily be butchered. 

Start to finish this show is well paced, creates characters who the audience genuinely like/dislike throughout the 9 hour series. It does a great job and alluding to the dangerous nature of gambling and debt of individuals lives and how they are willing to risk everything they have to avoid financial hardship. 

This is a plot I feel a kid in high-school would think of, but in the best way possible. Creating a competition for money but if you are eliminated, you die in real life, so simple, yet so many complexities within the show, with the shows motives and themes being incredibly powerful. I feel like the characters were all indifferently perfect and all cohesive within the storyline, the whole series just felt powerful and never once was there a dull moment, everything felt like it had purpose and no one truly felt that they knew where the show was going to go, apart from the main protagonist eventually winning, although despite it being predictable I don’t think it was bad choice because it represents than even the greed and true wealth doesn’t fix the underlining issues the character possesses. 

I do have a couple bones to pick as I thought the VIP characters were really poor when it comes to creating that separation and economic inequality, due to the characters just feeling very hallow and non existence, and some of the deaths were downright laughable. The evil man (no clue his name) in the final episode gets shot in the shoulder and barely bats an eye, whilst he kills the other character in the shoulder and dies instantly. Across all the episodes many characters are shot in the arms, abdomen and die instantly which was just incredibly frustrating from a logical standpoint seeing the rest of the show was so well made. 

Apart from that frustration this show was amazing and I very much hope a second season isn’t made, like Clickbait, shows like these do not deserve their reputation tarnished. 


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