no matter what i do with my hair it just keeps falling in this really chic way

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  • Maurice



    Hugh Grant’s hair IS visual storytelling.

  • Drive



    It looks great. It sounds great. But god damn, that pesky plot just can’t leave the amazing premise and atmosphere alone!

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  • A Brighter Summer Day

    A Brighter Summer Day


    Too crushing to believe. Like Yi Yi this movie manifested a completely physical reaction in me. It’s been a week since I sat down and let it consume me, and still I’m haunted by the marketplace, the schoolyard at night, and the 1001 other locations that Yang crafts and that feel more lived-in than any other set pieces I’ve ever seen on film. The experience left me wrung out and not in the same life-affirming way as Yi Yi—this by…

  • Ran



    If you want to talk about a movie that does everything right, talk about RAN. I mean jesus christ. This movie is pure art, pure poetry, pure epic, pure entertainment. It is truly no exaggeration to call this peak cinema. And that ending... That‘s one of the most amazing final shots I have ever seen.

    (But for real — how can I watch this in its best form? I watched it on Amazon Video and the colors... the light... occasionally…