Inception ★★★★½

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Dreams feel real when we are in them, it’s only once we wake up do we realize that something was strange.

This film really took me by surprise because I went in not expecting much but a confusing action flick but became really intrigued by the concept of dream theft and architect criminals and this world of dreams that’s created, dreams will always be humanities biggest mystery. Besides the interesting concept it had some good emotional depth to the characters and some quirky and fun side characters to invest in and a decent amount of entertaining and big action sequences.

This is a blockbuster that is dressed up very nicely, with a dark toned cinematography and neutral colors that suited the tone of the story because it felt more elegant. And really creative and stylish sets that look grand. Also provides some exciting and unique action sequences like the hallway gravity fight and a really supported by a beautifully cinematic and intense score. The layered plot element of dreams are very well statured to give the audience intense experience of thrills, action and drama and leading to both a satisfying emotional redemption between Cobbs and Mel and a satisfying happy ending with a cool little open-ended finale twist. The cast all play off each other perfectly to build a good chemistry that makes the team work seem genuine and more depth to their personalities. Mel also gets thrown in as a femme fatale of sorts that’s very edgy to cause tension among there plan.

This film is one that sticks with me after I finish it thinking about a lot of the interesting concepts and is a fun and entertaining experience and feels like a refreshing take on a lot of the bland 2010’s blockbusters.

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