Little Women

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This review may contain spoilers.

2019 Ranked

Probably the best adaption of the story brought to screen as it really captures the essence of the sisters loving and complicated relationship very well thanks to the brilliant performances from the cast each developing their own sweet and quirky unique personalities that really brings a great depth and heart to the emotional journey and it also has a lot of great comedic relief throughout which a lot of the previous adoptions failed to create in the story. The film had great cinematography and a good score that helped to create a good atmosphere for the story but you can tell a lot of passion went into this project and the actors gave it their all to bring these characters to life. It had a well balance of drama, intriguing as we watch the struggles each sister face through the years and great emotion as well watch them loss their beloved Beth but it also had a great comedic edge and that really the experience more enjoyable.

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