The Matrix Revolutions ★★½

I don’t understand after the amazing first two films that explored such a unique theme of cyber criminal, the evolution of technology and a dystopian war, how they can conclude this franchise into such a lackluster final act, so bad it’s like a badly made CW t.v pilot for one of their cheesy superhero shows.
The train man is one of the worst villains in this film like a cringe-worthy batman villain and that kink leather bar scene felt so out of place like they just added it in to explore some kink fantasy for shock value.

This films not all bad it has some good fun entertainment value but man is this story structure a huge step down from the previous 2 film and considering this was a continuation from reloaded it just takes the most weird turn into B Sci-Fi movie territory it goes from being a edgy Sci-fi action exploration into advanced technology to a cheese fest of bad sci-fi tropes, like it’s almost so bad its good but it takes itself too seriously and as a companion to reloaded makes for a frustrating conclusion to the story, a lot of this film feels like a third act stretched out into 2 hours with a lot of bland action sequences to film the gaps and no depth to the story, I feel like they could have added an extra half an hour to reloaded and just finished it in one film. At least it had a decent climax fight sequence that rainy fight scene between Neo and Smith looked epic.

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