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  • Fine Manners

    Fine Manners

    i watched this because i wanted to get entirely lost in something, and diagonale films seem weirdly good at that. something about the staging of it. they take their stories seriously, which can be rare in movies that also care so much about formal issues

    each character has so much consternation, especially mrs. courtray—some kind of spin on gertrud. camille is a fetish for everyone, and it destroys him

  • On the Rocks

    On the Rocks


    god...sofia coppola is one of the few contemporary american directors who actually cares about directing. it's written like one of the infinite yuppie upper middle class new york comedies, but never slips into that thin satire. strikingly ambivalent in every moment (even the resolution), and featuring sofia's best set work by far, as well as her only successful movie about multiple adult characters

    the biggest comparison point that i see is preminger's such good friends, which features a very similar…