Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★★

best picture nominees #3 - as of now my 3rd choice out of the 8

fell in love with this the first time i watched it, and the second time watching was somehow better than the first. i'm so happy that this has received this sort of recognition because it tells the story of a community and an experience that hasn't really been represented on film in this way. it has the most extraordinary sound design, that is integrated so well into the film, and enables you to hear what he is hearing, which further allows you to understand and somehow relate to all of the emotions the main character is feeling, which makes you have such a unique and interesting viewing experience.

riz ahmed gives my favourite performance of the year; it's faultless. he is 100% one of the best actors working today. and paul raci is brilliant, especially in the last scene with ruben in which he completely moved me. olivia cooke is also amazing and i would've loved to have seen her get some recognition. again, the sound design is impeccable, the writing is beautiful and the editing is great. I'm really excited to see it take home 1 or 2 oscars because it really deserves it.

i recommend it to everyone who hasn't seen it because i'm positive you've never seen a film like this

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