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  • Mary and Max

    Mary and Max


    Film Club #29

    "Everyone's lives are like a very long sidewalk. Some are well paved. Others, like mine, have cracks, banana peels, and cigarette butts."

    Picking my choice for film club was an intimidating task. I was even more intimidated when I decided to pick one of my all time favorite movies, because I knew that many people would not feel the same way. Although I kept telling myself that it doesn't matter who likes the movie and who hates…

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  • The Music Room

    The Music Room


    As we grow older, each one of us begins to build a unique set of responsibilities. These can pertain to whatever profession or family situation you have; but there are a few things that are relatively universal. We need to be responsible for ourselves: to be able to sustain a life without the constant need for supervision or guidance. The vaguest sense of self reliance. We also need to be responsible for setting an example. There will be people that…

  • Suspiria



    Suspiria is a technicolor melodic nightmare. When you've worked hard and gotten somewhere you've always wanted to be; and things out of your control whip your life into a whirlwind of terror and despair. When the people around you turn a blind eye to a clear and present problem that you can't be the only one to notice. When you try to reach out and understand but people keep turning away of disappearing for good. When the bitter truth is…

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  • Cremaster 4

    Cremaster 4


    Balls balls balls, maybe some dick but mostly balls.

    How many ways can you describe and visualize balls without actually showing the balls.

    Testicles here, testicles there, testicles everywhere.

    Tap dance balls, racing balls, wheels got balls too.

    And lets not forget the insane amount of man goop as well.

    Why does a movie insist on having so much semen.

    Motherfucking goblin took a trip to the cum dungeon. That cum tube went for miles.

    If that wasn't enough there…

  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    Every time I watch this film I think I'm ready for it; and for most of the movie I am. However, every time those fucking credits roll and all I can do is sit with sad Timmy while Sufjan Stevens is breaking my heart.

    Everything about this film, from the Italian countryside to the relationships to even the fruit juice looked beautiful. I'm starting to realize I'm a sucker for well written romance, it really strikes a chord with me…