Cowboy Bebop

There are so many ways to categorize Cowboy Bebop that would almost be completely true. One second it seems like a cooky action adventure, another second its a grittier crime drama all set in a strange fantastical sci fi world of a fractured world. A lot of this series feels pretty fractured, many episodes drastically change the tone but not in a way that's distracting or cheesy.

It all honestly feels like one big road trip where each passenger has a completely different destination in mind despite thinking they all have the same one. When a road trip is long enough it'll run the gambit of emotions. When all you have is time there will be times for laughs, crying, and seconds away from slitting each other's throats. Some things will come out on the road and some people will keep their lives to themselves until they keel up and die.

Cowboy Bebop always had a shroud of ambiguity surrounding each character and it never shows its hand completely with the exception of one particular card. While some characters may be the focus of some episodes this is very much Spike's road trip and our perspective of the trip stops when he's arrived at his destination which is precisely what the series does. Maybe we'll get more resolution with the other characters in the movie but for the time being some pieces of the story is left intentionally unfinished. It all seems rather fitting given hold close to their chests the characters hold their lives and how little they share with each other. Spike likely didn't know too much about them even at his departure but so be it. When you leave there you leave behind life stories of others that could likely fill up their own respective shows no matter how interesting or dull the person is. The human experience is so drastically different for everybody and we all have stories to tell; but are you gonna carry that weight?

I don't know if I want closure or if I'm just grateful to be along for the ride. Maybe I'll figure that out in the next lifetime.

See You Space Cowboy

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