Run Lola Run

Run Lola Run ★★★★

Each day, especially as we grow older, is like a dead sprint towards a destination. It goes by faster than we anticipate and we miss out on a lot of little things every day. Little things that might be insignificant or pointless or might have real and intense consequences. We don't really comprehend how our every action can have life altering effects on others whether that be for better or for worse. We don't really think about it but we are all on a clock counting down to zero and are mostly out of control in terms of how fast the clock is going. The things that alter the speed are never the ones we anticipate but rather a collection of tiny outcomes that form together into a mosaic of time so to speak. Unconscious decisions and quick instincts which are the accumulation of a lifetime of habits and learning are what very often dictate our lives moving forward. When there isn't time to think the machine keeps going and everything you've ever done to get to this point will determine where you go next.

We are all running to somewhere and from something, we can't tread lightly because we can't slow down. We stop when we're dead.