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  • Anna and the Apocalypse

    Anna and the Apocalypse


    recommended by biscreenwriter: letterboxd.com/biscreenwriter

    Fun around the first act, but I never really got into it by the end. The third act was the mark where it kinda ran out of steam but it was still very fun for the most part!

    Admittedly the music is a bit forgettable at times. I remembered two songs by the time the movie ended but I feel like this was like an unforgettable 1 hour long musical of a zombie sitcom. It was…

  • The Candidate

    The Candidate


    recommended by braymitch01: letterboxd.com/tacocow123/

    It was a film. Indeed.

    Pretty much a very dull poli-com about Robert Redford trying to dabble into the world of politics as a youngin and goes through a cynical, dry look into American political campaigns.

    The film's comedy and character delivery is drier than Popeye's biscuits, and because it seems it's trying to seem realistic in the hectic world of the subject matter, it makes it even more cynical and much more boring to watch.…

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  • Paint Drying

    Paint Drying

    so.....i don't know how to really say this but....

    i've been diagnosed with something.

    today i had this enormous chest pain. i couldn't walk or lay down, and i couldn't breathe or eat properly. i threw up 7 times and wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything after the 4th one. my parents were worried so they took me to a hospital.

    and lo and behold, i was diagnosed with costochondritis. it's basically a respiratory virus/infection that infects the bone…

  • Perfect Blue

    Perfect Blue


    I think I finally understood why I put this movie on hold for so long.

    Because I wasn't even ready for it! I never was! But it's so great!

    Satoshi Kon is such an amazing director. This and Paranoia Agent prove strongly how strong that fact is. This is literally one of the most disturbing animated films I've ever seen other than, I don't know, The King of Pigs. Honestly, the way this film can be interpreted and understood on…