Rear Window

Rear Window ★★★★½

recommended by moviesfan123:

Finally, a good Hitchcock I wasn't bored of!

Rear Window is still a timeless classic. The film is clearly void of context and because of that, it helps elevate the true suspense and makes it feel more engaging and puts you into this whole situation of the unknown and a fearful mystery that only gets more suspicious and intense over time.

There is some genius performances in here, especially that of James Stewart and Grace Kelly, who give in some amazing and memorable character performances and banter. The direction in this I actually really liked and his suspense lends in a lot of shock, foreshadowing, and some brilliant editing that makes this suspense and raises the stakes even higher.

The cinematography and production design is also very beautiful and it makes it quite memorable and beautiful. And overall, Rear Window is Hitchcock's best work, and a suspenseful masterpiece that I will probably think about in time.

Log 27, Film 11.

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