Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

More of a Dan O’Bannon/James Cameron riff than another glossy Romero mutation, Snyder is distinctly making the movie he wants to make while simultaneously attempting to tailor his indulgent style and bloated storytelling instincts for the streaming arena (the shallow focus, prestige TV claustrophobia colliding with his need to go as BIG as possible in this sorta post apocalyptic America). Remember, for all the talk of original aspect ratios applied to keep his vision intact with the retooling of JUSTICE LEAGUE, he still cut the movie up into episodic chapters that you could “binge” (or just, you know, watch a really long movie in one sitting), or break up over several days/piles of laundry. Is this good or bad? Not really. More like interesting auteur experiments in an evolving digital space, doubling as goofy, mostly entertaining spectacle that you can zone out to on a rainy day.