Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life ★★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

This reunion miniseries is about as up and down as the series was, with the same breathlessly familiar narrative voice speaking through all the characters, and for me, a fan of the series, that's totally ok. I dug the usual raft of <UPDATED!> pop-cultural references and cameos (Alex Kingston! Paul Anka! Jason Mantzoukas! Roy Choi! Bonita Friedericy!), including the Clouds of Sils Maria evoking pairings of Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel with their younger Bunheads counterparts Sutton Foster and Julia Goldani Telles. So yeah, plenty of fun within but I'd also be pretty happy to leave it here.

Top moments for me from each season-themed episode:

Early acknowledgement of the show-specific speaking patterns "Haven't done that for while!"
The classic non-official busker run-off scene. dinner?!?

Paris's entire Chilton sequence, with the highlight being her ongoing grilling of Headmaster Charleston re the school's spend of her hefty donations.
a second film by kirk playing as curtain-raiser to David Lynch's Eraserhead, introduced by Kirk dressed as Henry Spencer from Eraserhead.

April's meltdown in Rory's room.
Doyle's rant about his movie review being edited and his Michael Bay references.
The thirtysomething gang...and the parents of the thirtysomething gang.
Sutton Foster's performance in the preview performance of Taylor's Star's Hollow, The Musical and her character's show-down with Lorelai afterwards.

Book vs. Movie.
The nuns selling-to-Beelzebub gag.
Emily's pitch perfect delivery of the "clam shack" diatribe.
Kirk's town centre setup and the 'pre-wedding' wedding.