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  • Saw III


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  • Saw III

    Saw III


    When John criticized Dr. Denlon for 'swallowing antidepressants', I was like "Why would you prefer antidepressant suppositories?"

  • The Fan

    The Fan


    I accidentally discovered something.

    This -> Simone is the earliest example of the yandere character trope in film.

    I concluded this to be true after looking this up and reading the most popular discussions in Reddit, Quora, Yahoo Answers, and several anime discussion threads. It's also not listed in any of the "extensive" yandere movie lists I found.

    They always refer to Misery(1990) as the earliest example of a yandere girl. But The Fan(1982) was made earlier and is more…

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  • Sunny



    I love it when I watch a film without knowing anything about it and it ends up becoming one of my favourites.

    This is by no means a perfect film. There are some weird(problematic?) violence and a storyline that didn't really go anywhere.

    Despite knowing that, I still couldn't bring myself to rate it lower than 5 stars.

    The acting was great, the cast was perfect! The soundtrack is phenomenal, the nostalgia is real. It made me laugh a lot…

  • The World of Us

    The World of Us


    I watched this after Bong Joon Ho's recommendation. I like it, I'll definitely check Yoon Ga-eun's other films out.
    I knew that this is going to be very personal to me from the moment I saw the first scene. I had to sit down and think about my life after seeing this.

    I don't think the main message of this movie is about how bullying is wrong and how children can be very cruel to each other.

    I think…