Halloween ★★★★

“Michael Myers loose with a bunch of nutbags in Haddonfield on Halloween night? We’re gonna have a fucking circus on our hands. But hey, what are we gonna do? Cancel Halloween?”

YES! Yes actually! CANCEL THAT SHIT. Even though I loved this film, Y’ALL peOPLE IN HORROR FILMS DON’T THINK LMAOOOO. There could be a shitty ass film that I watch but as long as it’s paced well, I’ll find something to love/ like about it. Fortunately enough, Halloween (2018) is a good film with an actual good pacing. It’s not a remake nor is it an info dump on what we already know. It ASSUMES that you’ve watched enough of this franchise to be aware of what you’re fully seeing on screen and I appreciate that the most, for this film.

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