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  • Tenet



    “time travel, but make it sexy”

    “Fast and the Furious, but make it posh”

    “Doctor Who, with 93% more hotness and better suits”

    this is exactly what I expected it to be and thank the lort for RPattz’s everything in this. bless him.

    also Nolan, you totally lifted pieces of your script from La Jetee. admit it, buddy

    also also not nearly enough Clémence Poésy

  • Nomadland



    there’s no one way to live life and make a home for yourself and this film very beautifully conveys that message. but there’s also a very sad message, one that many already know too well, that the American way of life of the near past isn’t poised for a comeback - this is the way things are now and they’ll probably only get worse. All I could think about after the first round of scenes on Amazon’s factory floor is…

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  • Never Let Me Go

    Never Let Me Go


    I’ve watched this movie quite a bit but read the book first - if I had to choose which one i like more it would have to be the novel, however I’ll never be able to recreate the feeling of reading it for the first time, understanding horrifically dawning on me as Ishiguro lets the story slowly unfold. The movie version, to me, is beautiful, and this cast playing Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy, will always be perfect to me. And of course, this story makes me cry so gd much it hurts.

  • Dracula



    my wife loves this movie (and all Dracula / monster movies) so we watched on her birthday. Bela Lugosi is just amazing, right? That face! So he doesn’t say “I vant to suck your blood” in this? Or any of them? How did that enter the lexicon anyway?

    I want a shot for shot remake of this with an all-star international cast and maybeeee Cate Blanchett as Dracula. thanks in advance to whoever makes this!

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  • Pieces of a Woman

    Pieces of a Woman

    I dunno...I’m struggling with this one. All of the acting is pretty amazing in this, especially by Vanessa Kirby, but it feels like the filmmakers tried to pack so much into the script: trauma, grief, an imploding relationship thanks to trauma and grief, class warfare, managing sobriety, courtroom drama, and metaphors for growth and change via apple seeds and the passing of the seasons. phew! too much, movie.

    also, it’s called Pieces of a Woman yet we start the film out…

  • Beautiful Something Left Behind

    Beautiful Something Left Behind


    such a moving documentary about Good Grief, a nonprofit counseling center in Morristown, NJ that provides grief counseling and art therapy to children who have lost one or both parents. the filmmakers are merely observers, with no talking heads except for a few sparse interviews with children. the way it’s shot and edited is just lovely, and it makes you think about this world we walk through each day and our tenuous connection to it. I originally thought this was…